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Are you looking for a Speaker to talk to your organization?  Here is a list of speakers and topics that are available to talk to organizations.  An email is included for contact.  If you know of other speakers please let us know and we can add them to the listing.  We are not responsible on the quality of the speakers - just giving you a listing so you can draw from.
Gary Clark A lifelong camera enthusiast, professional photographer, & graphics designer, Gary has been committd to collecting, documenting and perserving photographs.. He has written several books on history and genealogy. He is  an avid genealogist.
Solving 19th Centry Photo Mysteries,
Understanding Your 20th Century Photographs   
Can I Solve my Damaged Photos & Documents? 
What is Best Care & Preservation of Photographs  
What is a Tintype and other Cased Images  
Adventures in Writing Family History  
Grand Army of the Republic    
Find a Grave as a Genealogy Tooll        
Bring Key Facts into your Family History from Old Publications
Jason Felihkatubbe Jason (Choctaw) has been doing research for 25 yrs+ with focus on Native American Indian genealogy with emphasis on southeastern indians in Indian Territoy/Oklahoma (Cherokee,Chickasaw, Choctaw, Musogee and Seminole)
Choctaw Genealogy, History, Culture 
Cherokee Gnenealogy, History, Culture 
Native Amerian Indian Genealogy   
Oklahoma Genealogy & History       
Indian Territory Genealogy and History     
Beginning Genealogy
Lynda Beck Fenwick A proper English teacher and practicing trial lawyer, Lyn has written three books.
Prairie Bachelor, The Story of a Kansas Homesteader and the Populist Movement
Rosetta Wiley A professional genealogist and author who has been doing genealogy for 30+ years, Rosetta has held offices in Wichita Gen Soc. and KCGS for several years, She is currently working on her certification in genealogy and loves sharing her knowledge with others.
Citing Your Sources           
Homestead Records         
ABC's of Genealogy         
Research Guides & How to make one   
Newspapers & what you can glean from them